Our facility is equipped with two chapels, one large and one smaller in size. We have a  generous lobby area, kitchenette with abundant seating, and ample parking.

Please feel free to contact us, and set up an appointment or stop in if you wish to tour the premises. 

Large Chapel

Our largest chapel can accommodate a significant group of people. There is a television accessible in the back of this chapel to utilize for a photo slide show or video of your loved one.  

(Front to back view)

Large Chapel (cont.)

(Back to front view)

Small Chapel

The small chapel is equipped with a television for a photo slideshow or video of your loved one.


Our kitchenette can provide two sets of families adequate space. We have a public coffee machine, refrigerator, sink, and  microwave. There is also an area for each family to offer cuisine to their guests, should they wish to do so. 

Kitchenette cont.


The lobby can seat many of your guests comfortably.

Lobby (cont.)

Hallway to Chapels

The Hallway also provides additional seating.

To view the exterior of the building and parking lot in 360

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